You CAN Master Brioche - Saturday, November 23, 1:00-3:00 pm

You CAN Master Brioche - Saturday, November 23, 1:00-3:00 pm

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Instructor: Cynthia Gilbertson

Dates: Saturday, November 23, 1:00-3:00 pm

Brioche knitting creates a ribbed fabric that is especially thick and squishy, and it offers a lovely opportunity for making designs with two colors. But the techniques involved are a bit different from the knits and purls we are all used to, and knitters new to the technique can get tripped up when they encounter mistakes.

This single-session class will give you lots of hands-on experience with brioche and teach you tips and tricks that will allow you to tackle brioche projects with confidence. We will start by practicing the basic stitches in one color. We will make and fix some mistakes and see what happens when brioche stitches get ripped out (it's not as terrifying as you might think!). We will then introduce a second color and learn about what changes with brioche is worked with two colors.

All of the work done in class will be on flat swatches, but we will discuss what changes when brioche is knit in the round, and you should leave class in good shape to tackle either flat or in-the-round projects.

Skill Level: Intermediate and beyond. You should be comfortable knitting and purling; be able to recognize which stitches are knit and which are purl stitches; and be able to fix some mistakes in your work.

Supplies to bring to class:
(registered students receive 10% off class supply purchases, excluding patterns )

  • Yarn: Worsted or chunky yarn in a light color, plus a few yards of yarn in the same weight, but in a contrast color
  • Needles: Circular needles 16" - 24" long, and/or double points at least 8" long in a size slightly smaller than usual for the yarn (e.g., US 6 for worsted, US 8 for chunky). Exact needle size is not crucial. Single-points can be used when working with one color, but you will need needles with points on both ends for working in two colors.
  • Notions: A stitch holder (the kind that looks like a giant safety pin) or a J-shaped cable needle
  • Hook: A medium-sized crochet hook (e.g., F-H)
  • (optional): a 16"-24" circular needle in a smaller size

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