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The following is a list of the brands we currently stock. A limited selection is carried in our Online Shop. Click the link after a brand name to be taken directly to the Online Shop collection for the entire brand, or use the Search utility to search by brand or name.

For any of our yarns, you may also call the shop to place an order over the phone. We'll be happy to help you find the perfect thing for your next project! 

baa ram ewe (shop baa ram ewe »)
Berroco (shop Berroco »)
Blue Sky Fibers (shop BSF »)
Brown Sheep
Elsebeth Lavold
Feederbrook Farm (shop Feederbrook »)
Feza Yarns (shop Feza Yarns »)
The Fibre Company (shop Fibre Co. »)
Frabjous Fibres (shop Frabjous Fibers »)
Green Mountain Spinnery (shop GMS »)
Habu Textiles (shop Habu Textiles »)
Hedgehog Fibres (shop HHF)
HiKoo (shop HiKoo Yarns »)
Jamieson & Smith (shop J & S »)
Kelbourne Woolens (shop KW »)
Knitted Wit (shop Knitted Wit »)
Koigu Wool Designs (shop Koigu)
Lang Yarns (shop Lang Yarns »)

Lorna's Laces
Lopi (shop Lopi Yarns »)
Plymouth (shop Plymouth yarns»)
Rauma (shop Rauma Yarns »)
Reywa Fibers (shop Reywa)
Rowan (shop Rowan yarns»)
Sirdar (shop Sirdar Yarns »)
Sweetgeorgia (shop Sweetgeorgia »)
Three Irish Girls (shop Three Irish Girls»)
West Yorkshire Spinners


** NOTE: We do the best we can to present accurate images of our yarns. However, computer & mobile devices may not reliably display the actual color of a product. If you are trying to match a color or dye lot exactly, please call the shop for help.

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